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Milford Music Group

Milford Music cancelled until further notice 

What is the Milford Music Group?

Picture a room of about 40-50 people, including people living with dementia and their carers.
Professor Andrew Knights plays live instruments (oboe, clarinet and saxophone) and other music from his MP3 player.  Everyone is handed word sheets and instruments (maracas, bells, tambourines etc) to enable them to join in and create a joyful and musical environment. He interacts with clients at all sessions. He goes directly up to the clients, when appropriate, to sing to them personally and encourage them to participate.             
The  reaction is quite miraculous and a joy to see. 
The best way to explain this is to tell you a couple of stories.
One gentleman had not smiled for two years, as we were told by his wife. When Andrew stood in front of him playing his instruments or singing to him personally, he started tapping his feet and smiling.  
Another gentleman, who had never been interested in singing, again as we were told by his wife, when Andrew sang directly to him, started singing each and every song and remembering most of the words.    
This is a regular occurrence, every other Wednesday when we have these sessions. 
This is the power of music.


The Milford Music Group meets on the 1st & 3rd Wednesdays  2 – 3.30. It is currently run by the Alzheimer’s Society

Contact Carol if you would like to come along, or bring a family member or friend.

carol.whittaker@alzheimers.org.uk  07860912272